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How's My Driving?

Anon commenting on, IP logging off by default, comments screened.

If you have any issues with the way I play Sasuke (any at all, seriously, concrit is very very welcome), let me know here.

Alternate contact: the PsychoPathy [AIM] >> lokogato@hotmail.com [Hotmail/MSN] >> [livejournal.com profile] lokogato [mun journal]

Your best bet is email or Gchat! :)
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[[same cipher as previous]]

New member of Team 7 -- Sai

Allen Walker (exorcist)
Okita Souji (swordsman)
Simon Tam (doctor)

River has something planned.
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[[the usual cipher.]]

Alphonse missing. New roommate.

Takaya -- experiments? -- ask River?
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[[written in the same cipher as on the previous page.]]

Rock Lee

other worlds --
Takaya (same world as Yoshiaki. very powerful?)
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[[written in cipher. looks like music score. possibly decodable by those with fairly thorough knowledge of common Otogakure codes.]]

three days. multiple worlds. conflict between Head Doctor and another man, voice on radio.

Haku, Zabuza
Naruto, Sakura, Iruka
Sabaku no Gaara

other worlds --
Kudo Yohji (assassin.)
Lust (not human. 'immortal.' experienced.), Lieutenant Hawkeye, 'Colonel,' Alphonse Elric, his brother
Dias (mercenary)
Rufus, Reno (works for Rufus?), Yuffie ('ninja')
Yoshiaki (some kind of power. not chakra. looks similar.)
Aidou ('vampire')
Alucard ('vampire.' different from Aidou. perhaps from same world. unclear.)
River Tam (knows things.), Simon Tam

doctors --
'Professor' Oak (incompetent.)
Muraki (of interest.)
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